The complete package

Our e-book is to inspire reflection on that important to be successful, it is certain things to be observed in dealing with our fellow man.


SOS Complete package

The SOS rescue package is, of Akatriel, free transferred to makeshift shacks and people forgive. On an application and the necessary documents, the participants the complete package can immediately start itself distribute. We want the every man of Akatriel benefits and acquired the help of our system. Akatriel has decided to donate a portion of its profits to Happy Faces e.V. for each sold complete package, The association is characterized in that the donations received more needy children and families, the region come to good, from the revenues derived. We will show you how a balance can be created out of love for our fellow man. Over the Internet, we can around the world, representing a helping hand and also some good cause in our country.

The SOS complete package is mediated free. It is subject to it, just as the terms of use and participates in the MLM system. We like to fall under the arms and support them when to get up, so that the first step to financial independence, finds it easier to back.