Akatriel provides, thousands of people around the world the opportunity to own merit and more financial independence, by creates an employment relationship between people, that principle is based on human respect. This platform will serve as a port, whether as a short-term or a long-term berth for each job seeker, which main or second job looking occupation. Praise should go to people who choose which main job Akatriel and focus on the mediation of the aid package. Makeshift shacks is a bridging phase, offered in your job search, is sprayed during the zeitgeist of charitable status. Because the motto of Akatriel remains, in all respects "People helping people". The vast majority of people today use the Internet, in their daily lives, in many different ways. The communication and the sale are no limits. Akatriel was created with the concept, People the chance to given to build your own merit. Neither are brought to the fore diplomas or training, but motivation for the age and the way which one, opened up by the Internet. A productive communication between different cultures and worlds to be created. Our customers will be provided a private virtual office available and a detailed linear concept which it also for beginners, makes a slight to einzuspielen in no time. The flexible earning opportunities, which provides Akatriel, facilitate and attract customers. by positive results . You are your own boss and can thus family leisure and work, easily reconciled with success and at the same time represent a helping hand in our society.